Brauerei zum Schiffchen
Zum Schiffchen
Zum Schiffchen

The Düsseldorf inn “Zum Schiffchen“ (small boat) embodies some 380 years of history. It has survived many local celebrities – those long forgotten and those well remembered, both rich and poor, dull and bizarre – it has withstood various conflicts and did not even succumb to our tempestuous modern era. An inscription in one if the old beams declares.

“Transformation of Old to New Lent Constant Strength to Homeland True.“

Situated in the Old Town, the restaurant/brewery “Zum Schiffchen“ is the oldest restaurant of Düsseldorf. People from Düsseldorf and also those just visiting say it is a typical original Düsseldorf restaurant. Atmosphere, furniture and food are guarantors of originality as much as the blue-aproned “Köbesse“ – the waiters – who “celebrate“ their service with humour and the typical Düsseldorf dialect – to the great joy of guests and travel groups from other countries. The restaurant was first mentioned in the chronicles of 1628, and we are proud of having had even Napoleon among our patrons. Nowadays, it is not so much the refined French habits and cuisine but a certain rusticity and joy that make this restaurant so popular.

The restaurant offers some 420 seats and is divided into different comfortable rooms that allow for privacy without depriving guests of what is happening elsewhere – ideal conditions for catering both for groups and individual guests. The beer garden seats another 140 guests.

The menu is plentiful. In addition to typical dishes from Düsseldorf and the Rhineland, there is homely fare and – upon request – some dishes for gourmets are served, too. The “Schiffchen“ (as it is commonly called) is run by Thomas Weber who attends to you with all his heart and whose primary concern is the well- being of his guests. Hardly any other Düsseldorf restaurant has been mentioned and recommended in travel reports as often as the “Schiffchen“. A visit should be on the itinerary of very sight-seeing tour.